And to think I almost cried

I never want to see you again.
Those words painstakingly uttered with a pure honesty. Those words, like a knife in the throat where the heart resides momentarily.  What once was a strong and beautiful love, is now tearing at the seams. The what ifs and what nexts come to gape at the once stary eyed girl filled with drive, now crumbling in the street. Will she get up or will she accept defeat?



I have spoken to you everyday for over a year. Every single day. But not today. And never again. To experience the death of a love is to witness the death of a star. Catastrophic and violent. Leaving a shockwave that is felt for years as it colapses into itself. Fiercly casting debris in every direction that is sent for miles and miles destroying anything in its path. It can be avoided from a distance yet if you get too close you shall surley perish