a fiction poem ;)

I was trying to run for the door
Instead I fell through the floor
I landed in hell
to no avail
I tried to escape
but when he saw me
the devil himself
started to flee

I looked all around
With lost souls abound
Tortured by days gone by
To relive their pain
Till the end of his reign
With this I started to cry

I heard a big bang
that sartled me
And so I turned
to see what would be.
A trident with prongs
On a stick that’s quite long
and flames shot out on the end
I dropped to my knees
only to see…
His rod! It started to bend!

With this a great power
Took over for cower
And I became quite brave
I won’t be your slave
I shouted at him!
With that, he grew quite grim.

And then disappearing
With the smoke clearing
And a thunderous roar
I saw the opening door
Which I gladly went through
Because somehow I knew
There was no surprise
this would end my demise

With my newfound respect
For the things that erect
Themselves into our lives
I cherished my days
In multiple ways
And always tried to be kind

So this my dear friends,
This is the end
Of a short story
About the glorious day
And the wonderful way
The devil was beaten by me 😉


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