I am small. It is dark. I fear not for I know my purpose. I feel the warmth around me.

First my legs, but not for walking
Longer and longer weaving and looping
Building a spider web into the unknown. Looking for knowledge and wisdom in every crevice that is the the blackness.
How will I get there. I do not know, but I know my purpose.

I can’t see up, but I know it’s there. I go for it. It’s very hard. With each little bit off growth I come closer to my goal. It gets warmer.
Then all of a sudden. I see the sun. So bright and inviting.

It calls to me. It says “Come closer flower child. I will make you mine.” So I go to it with all my might. I am slow but I am steady. I reach a moment where I can go no further and I just know that a transformation is coming. I know my purpose.

Tension starts to release. My fingers unfold their grasp. They release one at a time, slowly. As the last finger releases it’s strong hold, the breeze catches my petals, my fragrance slips through the air. I can finally see the world around me and all its beauty. 
I know my purpose. Do you?


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