Our love like a chess game.
Each player slowly and meticulously picking our moves.
Starts with a pawn, taking a bigger piece with each move.
Every piece painstakingly taken one at a time. Till there is nothing but two lonely kings. Stalemate. Perpetually gridlocked. The game is never truly over. And nobody ever wins.


society’s eyes

This is my hypothesis
You might be quite conscienceless

I speak of this asthetic
Overwhelmingly cosmetic

The type of comprehension
That is causing me some friction

It overrules our molecules

I think we need to euthanize
and put to rest these material lies

For when the clock strikes quantum time
We’re all losing ephemeral rhyme

This type of understanding
Is becoming quite demanding

I think we must abbreviate
So that we may alleviate

Lets make reconciliation
And then begin the renovation

On society’s



You say you’re disrespected but I don’t believe that’s true
for I am the one who sits here sad and cold and blue

Many things that you have said and never followed through
Can you try to understand what I am going to do

Please I beg your pardon I must bid you adieu
I am going to make a change, myself I must renew


never again

For all the times I stayed up late waiting for you to call
For all of the times I looked but you weren’t in the hall
For all of the times that I believed you
For all of the times that you were untrue
For all of the hurt and pain that occurred
For all of the times that you acted absurd
For all of the times that I took the blame
For all of the times that you made me feel lame
For all of the times that i had your back
Only to look like a sad sorry sack
This pain and this struggle, I tried to avoid
But it left me empty, lost and destroyed
but there’s a brightside to every story
Just like the movies, the same is for me
I’d just like to thank you for teaching me
Exactly what and who I want to be
To accept fate and move on I know when to leave
Never again will I be deceived


love hate

(view horizontally if viewing by phone)

Lovingly I looked into your eyes
Only to see that love actually dies
Very slowly I realized what I had to do
Even this love could not push me through

How you feel about me is sorely unjust
And the way that I feel is compiled of mistrust
Though my relationship crumbles I know I’ll survive
Even if I stare into those deep dead eyes