I am stuck here in this place
Recalling your mournfull face
Perpetually losing the race
Infused daily with disgrace

To relive all my past mistakes
Till my life the devil shakes
If I should die before I wake
These memories you must take



Our love like a chess game.
Each player slowly and meticulously picking our moves.
Starts with a pawn, taking a bigger piece with each move.
Every piece painstakingly taken one at a time. Till there is nothing but two lonely kings. Stalemate. Perpetually gridlocked. The game is never truly over. And nobody ever wins.


dirty child

I am a child I like to have fun
Sliding and swinging all day in the sun

Laughing and playing not caring at all
Spin all around untill I fall

Into the grass where I lay with the bugs
Sniffing and poking at the slugs

Play in the mud like l am a hog
Go take a nap on slightly green log

Poke at the mushrooms that grow there
Pull some wet leaves out of my hair

I will get dirty that is no question
But it’s all part of my lifes lesson

I am a child please love me dearly
And make sure I shower atleast once yearly.


i write poems

I wrote 11 poems today
12 more arrive by dusk.
Is there a way to stop this rhyme
Am I just out of lucks
To stop the great and mighty word
I just might die they must be heard

So the madness never stops
It consumes my mind
The paper up on my desktop
Bags to be designed
With beautiful expressions
and wonderful impressions
To madness I am blind


a fiction poem ;)

I was trying to run for the door
Instead I fell through the floor
I landed in hell
to no avail
I tried to escape
but when he saw me
the devil himself
started to flee

I looked all around
With lost souls abound
Tortured by days gone by
To relive their pain
Till the end of his reign
With this I started to cry

I heard a big bang
that sartled me
And so I turned
to see what would be.
A trident with prongs
On a stick that’s quite long
and flames shot out on the end
I dropped to my knees
only to see…
His rod! It started to bend!

With this a great power
Took over for cower
And I became quite brave
I won’t be your slave
I shouted at him!
With that, he grew quite grim.

And then disappearing
With the smoke clearing
And a thunderous roar
I saw the opening door
Which I gladly went through
Because somehow I knew
There was no surprise
this would end my demise

With my newfound respect
For the things that erect
Themselves into our lives
I cherished my days
In multiple ways
And always tried to be kind

So this my dear friends,
This is the end
Of a short story
About the glorious day
And the wonderful way
The devil was beaten by me 😉